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Duties of PL/XO By: Cadet EckhardtAug 16, 2018

The Duties of a Platoon Leader My job as a platoon leader is to ensure that my platoon is ready for any inspection, that our standards excel those of our peers, and that we at the top of our academic game. The way that this is done is leading by example. Leadership through example is, from...

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Although coming to Camden Military Academy was an amazing experience, I’m very glad to leave this school and go off to The Citadel for college. This school has taught me many things that I plan to use it in the future. Leaving Camden will be very hard because I will have to get used to living in...

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Why Should a Student Return to Camden?May 9, 2018

The reason I chose to come back to this school is due to the foundation it builds in a person. This school establishes discipline, routine, and time management. When I was going to public school I had none of those aspects in my life, now they are habits. Another reason I came back to this school...

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