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"CMA has been a God-send for our family. We are active-duty military, and our son struggled significantly in junior high school, both academically and socially. Unfortunately, his challenges manifested themselves at home in unhelpful ways. After one year at CMA, our son is a completely different...

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What can CMA do for your son?Jun 8, 2017

"Camden Military Academy has changed my son's life for the better in just one year. We had no behavioral problems at public school but at home he was very angry and hateful. His grades were D and F's in honors classes and he has ADHD . We knew he was not working up to his potential and public...

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Cadet Glasgow’s Camden ExperienceMay 25, 2017

We sent our son to Camden Military Academy his senior year and watched him not only improve his GPA but mature as well. CMA helped him realize his full potential by giving him the tools and guidance he needed to stay focused. He thrived in the structured environment and wants to continue his...

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