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Hurricane Michael Update

Hurricane Michael UpdateOct 10, 2018

Hurricane Michael is predicted to make landfall in the Florida panhandle today and then move inland across the southeast.  Michael is predicted to bring only rain and occasional wind gusts in excess of 40mph to the Camden area.  Michael is also a very quick moving storm and the forecast is for...

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Proposed Scout Dates : LTC Simonson

Proposed Scout Dates : LTC SimonsonOct 8, 2018

Here are the proposed dates for Scout outings so far this year: 2-4 NOV 18 - Location TBA 30 NOV-2 DEC 18, Location TBA 1-3 FEB 19 Location TBA 22-23 MAR 19, Location TBA 3-5 MAY 19, Myrtle Beach State Park. Also - Possible Eagle Project/merit badge weekends at the Simonson's: 13 Oct...

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A Teacher’s Voice

A Teacher’s VoiceOct 4, 2018

       I am honored to be of service to the Camden Military Academy (CMA) as its English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher.  I have the privilege of working with some international cadets at the CMA; it is rewarding, fun and fascinating.       Cadets who come to the CMA from foreign countries...

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