Camden Military Athletics

A full program of athletics and physical training is incorporated into the program of Camden Military Academy. In all sports, emphasis is placed on the development of sportsmanship and character in those who participate. At the Academy, the athletic program may be best described in three groups.


The Academy provides each cadet with a number of athletic opportunities. Varsity football, cross-country, basketball, wrestling, golf, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, track, tennis and marksmanship attract much interest. The Academy teams, known as the Spartans, are usually strong contenders for honors in South Carolina and the Southeast.

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In addition to interscholastic sports, the military academy offers an excellent intramural program as part of the activity period held twice each week. Although engaging in varsity athletics is optional, participation in activity period intramurals is required when a cadet is not involved in sports, which ensures the physical fitness of all cadets.

Athletic Facilities

The Academy's athletic facilities are available during cadet free time. The cadets enjoy swimming in the military school's pool during the fall and spring. The military academy gym and weight room are always available. There are three athletic fields and three tennis courts on campus.