Becoming the men they were meant to be

Learn how we build future leaders through camaraderie, military structure and traditional values. Learn more about our summer programs and how to enroll your son in our accredited boarding program for grades 7-12.

Why Camden?

Camden Military Academy offers an exceptional education at an affordable price. The curriculum is traditional, but we do not believe that education is “one size fits all.” Our 40-minute, six classes per day typically have 12 or fewer students allowing for individual attention that each student needs and deserves. At Camden, we realize everything cannot be learned from a textbook, so our cadets are surrounded by strong male mentors who teach, coach, and lead the young men daily.


The Camden Experience

Cadets learn to practice the concepts of honor, integrity, and duty as they grow in their everyday lives on campus. They learn to accept responsibility for their successes and failures in the classroom, on the athletic fields, and in their military roles. Cadets are encouraged to develop their own individual strengths and talents while at the same time to respect the rights of others.The school’s philosophy is to develop the “whole man” to the end that he is prepared not only academically, but also emotionally, physically, and morally, to face the trials and meet the opportunities that will be his after he leaves Camden Military Academy.


Meet the Admissions Team!

Casey Robinson

Dean of Enrollment and Administration

Mack Trapp

Associate Director of Admissions


When can I apply?

Camden Military Academy accepts students at any time throughout the school year!

What does the application process look like?

First, an online application should be completed.  Once CMA receives the application, you will receive an email requesting unofficial academic records as well as a link to schedule an interview for your student. The interview can be conducted on campus, by phone or zoom. Once the admissions decision is made (usually within 1-2 days), you will be notified of the decision and emailed the Enrollment Forms and next steps!

Can my son transfer mid-year?

Yes, Some parents want to wait until the start of the second semester to enroll their students. There are many things to consider before transferring at the start of second semester, especially the ability to improve grades and avoid losing credits. Most of the time, sooner is better than waiting!

How much is tuition?

Please see the most up to date information on terms and expenses at America’s most affordable military school by clicking here!

How do I schedule a campus tour or speak with an admissions representative?

We offer individual campus tours Monday-Friday, if you would like to schedule one, please contact or call 803-432-6001. Make sure to check our Open House schedule for both on-campus open houses and open houses around the country!

What does your typical student look like?

Our program implements structure and discipline both in and out of the classroom to help improve these issues. Academics, core values and life skills are taught both inside and outside of the classroom on a daily basis.

Do you offer support of for students with learning challenges like ADD/ADHD?

Yes, Camden Military Academy offers support systems for students struggling with ADD/ADHD and other mild learning challenges.

Is financial aid available?

Camden Military offers a limited amount of finacial aid yearly. Parents also find other scholarships available online as well as utilize loan programs specific to secondary/high school. Also, families can make draws on a 529 plan to help afford tuition for CMA. Please speak with an admissions representative for more information.

Where do your students come from?

All over the world! Currently, we have over 38 states represented and six countries!

Why do families choose Camden over other military boarding schools?

Quite simply because of our staff and faculty!  Many times families have reported that they felt a family-friendly presence when visiting our campus. In our opinion, buildings do not make the school, people do!

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