The Alumni Awards program was initiated by the Alumni Council in 1999. Since its inception, the following persons have received Alumni Awards and have their names inscribed on the Wall of Fame in the Risher Administration Building.

Distinguished Alumni Award

Colonel Lanning Parsons Risher (CMS'48)

Julian Banks Scarborough (CMS'45)

David Martin Cline (CMA'64)

George Benjamin Hartzog (CMS'37)

Dr. J. Breeden Blackwell (CMA'64)

Mayson A. Callaway (CA'53)

Colonel James Watson Bradin (CMS'54)

William Henry Varn, Jr. (CMS'40)

Dr. George B. Martin (CMS'55)

Robert M. Newsom, III (CMA’66)

Alumni Achievement Award

Dr. Robert Irving Van Hook, Jr. (CMA'61)

Earby Albert Walker (CMS'65)

Ogden S. Babson (CA'52)

Major General Van C. Doubleday (CMS'47)

Senator William H. O'Dell (CA'56)

Daniel Wayne Waddell (CMA'60)

Hugh D. Griffith, Sr. (CMS'46)

Donald Jay Shapiro (CMA'73)

Charles E. Hughes, Jr. (CMA'61)

Walter Kemmery Lunn, Jr. (CMS'39)

Dr. Robert W. Hart, III (CA'54)

Camden Military Academy Service Award

Mr. and Mrs. Nesbitt Q. Cline, Sr.

Joseph D. Davis, Jr.

William G. Hamilton, Sr. (CMS'40)

Henry "Mocus" Moore (CMS'42)

Elizabeth "Lib" Varn

Representative Marion P. Carnell

Douglas H. Truluck (CMS'64)

John William Mitchell, Jr. (CMA'64)

James S. duFief (CMS'48)

LTC Charles R. White-Assistant Headmaster 1968-1986

Alfred Campbell Walters (CMA'73)

Fred Stanford Mabry (CMA'74)

CSM Rosvelt Martain – TAC & Deputy Commandant at CMA 1991-2007

Mrs. Tommie Pylant - CA and CMA Staff 1952 -1987