Updates from CMA

*Please note the date of each update


January 31- President's Furlough, Spring Break, Easter Break, Graduation Weekend

February 13- Reenrollment

February 15- Ordering Graduation Materials

March 10- Spring Sports, Furloughs, 23-24 Calendar

March 30- Reenrollment Reminder, Easter Furlough, Spring Break Ends

May 9- Mother's Day Furlough and End of the Year News

August 24- Start of School Year

August 30- Fall Furlough, Parades, Student Bank


January 13- Senior Info and Testing

February 8- Spring Break, Super Bowl and more

February 14- Gold Star Parade, Reenrollment, & more!

March 6- Spring Break, Graduation, Furloughs and Re-enrollment

March 23- Spring Break, Re-enrollments, 22-23 School Calendar

May 3- Mother's Day Furlough, Graduation and more!

August 30- Football, Waldo and Phones

September 25- Fall Furlough, Parade, Travel Money

October 20- Ring Presentation, Thanksgiving and Christmas Break


July 28--COVID update and Haircuts

August 5--COVID Questions and Update


August 9--Masking and Registration Guidelines

August 11--SAT/ACT Policy Change for 21-22

August 18--Tips for New Cadet Registration

September 2- Sports and Fall Break

September 13--Fall Break Protocols

September 29--Fall Break and Sports

October 4--Fall Break Update and FAQs

October 7--Parade Protocol/Fall Break

October 15--Flu Shots and Football

October 26--Ring Presentation, Football, Parade, Holiday Break and more!

November 9--Returning from Winter Break

December 28--Start of Second Semester/COVID Updates


June 11 Update---Letter from Headmaster/Calendar Update - June 11, 2020

June 30 Update---Have Questions About COVID-19 and the CMA School Year?

July 9 Update---Reminder of Due Dates and Registration

July 16 Update---Interscholastic Sports

August 2 Update---Registration Times and New Policies

August 7 Update---Registration Guidelines and Driver's Ed Info

August 11 Update---Cashless Campus and Face Coverings

August 30---Letter From the Headmaster

October 1---Letter from the Headmaster re: Thanksgiving

October 30---Second Semester Update

November 16---Parent Update

December 3---Email for Second Semester for NEW CADETS

December 15---Reminder for Cadets Beginning Second Semester

December 22---COVID Testing and Vaccine Update

December 28---Second Semester Update (cadets that attended 1st semester)

December 29---Students Registering in January 2021

January 29---Parent Update