Here are a few suggested next steps...

  • be on the lookout for your OFFICIAL acceptance letter, parent handbook and enrollment forms which you will receive via USPS (note any acceptance contingencies in your acceptance letter)
  • your student's laundry number will be on the front of the mailed Parent Handbook and Enrollment Forms
  • make sure that all debts at your student's previous school have been satisfied so that the school will release the transcripts to CMA upon our request
  • notify your current school that your student will be attending CMA to prevent any truancy issues
  • please adhere to the deadlines printed in the Parent Handbook/Enrollment Forms
  • the enrollment forms can be returned to the academy via email () or faxed (803-425-1020) to the academy

Who should you contact with questions?

  • Tuition/Finance/Trips - Brandee Young, 803-424-5616,
  • Academics/Transcripts - John Heflin, 803-432-3207,
  • Medical/Medications - Nurses, 803-432-5729,
  • General Enrollment - Kathy Sherrill, 803-432-6001,
  • Student Travel - Ray Brown -

Any other questions, please contact Casey Robinson, or Andrei Sujka, .

For your convenience, you will find a school calendar as well as a sample Parent Handbook and Enrollment Form packet below. Note: the link to the forms below are for your review, you should only complete the packet that you receive in the mail.

2020-2021 Parent Handbook/Enrollment Forms

2020-2021 School Calendar

Please check and our social media platforms frequently for updates! Welcome to the Camden Military Academy family and we look forward to seeing you on campus soon for registration!

Please enjoy this brief video below!