On Tuesday, January 16, the CMA Middle School Spartans (3-2) traveled to Manning, SC to play the Laurence Manning Academy (LMA) Swampcats. Camden Military defeated LMA 54-37 in their first SCISA 4A Region II game of the year. The win marks Camden Military’s first Region win in SCISA at any level in the history of the school. While the Spartans got off to a slow start, being down 2-0 with 4 minutes to play in the first quarter, the team went on a 24-4 run over the next six minutes. Bryce Gaw led the way for the Spartans with a career high of 21 points. Next, the Spartans travel to Darlington, SC on January 22 to take on Region II opponent Trinity Collegiate School.

Score Sheet: Bryce Gaw, 21; Elijah Brisson, 9; Jonathan Joffe, 8; Jaxson Kovac, 6; Eric Watson, 5; Aldemar Campa, 3; Jamison Boocher, 2.

– Maj. Nicholas Paramore (Head Coach)