The ski trip is a twice a year trip that CMA does typically near the end of January and into early February. This trip is a wonderful break from the normal day to day on campus routine. As an older cadet, I am able to help younger kids who haven’t had much or any experience with skiing or even being around snow in general! I have been going to the mountains to ski and snowboard for years but since covid I haven’t had many chances, so it is always a blast to get a reminder of the fun things that I used to do with my family like going on ski trips! It is always my favorite part of the year because I always learn a new trick or do something I couldn’t do last time and it gives me something to look forward to! The hotel is nice the ride there and back isn’t too long and I usually watch some movies or catch up on a tv show! The trip is a lot of fun but, as always, too short which makes you want to go on another as soon as possible!

– Cadet Jonas Martin