The drama class is very proud of our outstanding bullying play, THE CRASH HEARD AROUND THE SCHOOL! We added the element of texting while driving which resulted in a terrible accident! The bully was mad, and texting and bullying another student. I believe it was one of the best plays we have had since I have been teaching drama at Camden Military Academy!

We had a fantastic Christmas play, THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, with great music, props, and costumes! The stage was extraordinary with a beautiful Christmas tree and presents and a great fireplace for Santa to plop down into the living room! There was also a surprise visit from the Grinch!

The drama class is now studying the history of the theater. We started with primitive theater, Greek and Roman theater, Medieval theater, and Comedia Del Arte. We are now enjoying Shakespeare, starting with Romeo and Juliet. We will soon be studying Musical Theatre, and then getting ready for the Talent Show this Spring!

– Alice Thaxton (Drama Instructor)