Cadet Furloughs & Leaves

General furloughs are granted at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and in the fall, winter, and spring. Additional weekend furloughs are granted periodically throughout the year. Cadets may also earn added opportunities for furloughs through quality schoolwork and by accumulating merits. The Academy publishes a list of furloughs through its calendar which will also list those weekends which are "closed." Cadets will not be permitted to take a furlough on a closed weekend. Cadets cannot be granted additional furloughs except in emergency situations. Parents are asked not to make such requests unless a true emergency exists.

Camden Furloughs

In addition to furloughs, high school cadets are granted "leave" to go downtown at regular intervals. This leave is available to those cadets who qualify. Seventh and eighth graders may go to town only with parents, faculty, or other authorized individuals. Cadets are not permitted to leave the Camden area during these periods without permission of the commandant or assistant commandant.


Amtrak Policy: Cadets under 16 years of age are considered to be unaccompanied minors on Amtrak. Cadets age 12 -15 CANNOT leave from the Camden Station even with a sponsor who agrees to sit with them. They and their sponsor have to leave from Columbia, SC which is a manned station. Station personnel must approve the sponsor before either get on the train. The sponsor has to be going as far as the minor, or they won't be allowed to board the train.

All train riders must have a picture ID with a birth date on it.

Cadets 16 years old or older may still leave and return to the Camden Station.

Everyone younger MUST leave and return to Columbia,SC with an 18 year old sponsor.

Camden Military Academy will provide transportation to and from airports in Columbia, SC (CAE) and Charlotte, NC (CLT) for a small fee.