College Advising

Camden Military Academy believes in pursing a higher education and our college preparatory curriculum provides the foundation for that. Along with this, students in 9-12 grade are assigned a college advisor to help them through the decision making process!

Applying to college is a process of decision-making.

Don’t worry, we are here to help! Our college advisors are here to guide students through the college search process early on! Our program includes grades 9-12, though it is more intense for juniors and seniors. Students are slowly immersed into the college preparation process to make it as stress-free as possible. Our goal is to find the best fit for the future of each student.

College admissions representatives visit Camden Military throughout the year to give more information about their college to students. This is a great opportunity for a college to come to the students and can help a student narrow down his choices early on. ROTC representatives also visit our campus and speak with students about military opportunities and scholarships.

Visiting Colleges for Seniors
College tours and visits are scheduled through the Dean of Students. Seniors are allowed two extra furloughs a year for college visits.

From our Advisors,

Camden Military Academy is a college preparatory boarding school where our cadets develop the skills and character they will need to succeed at a college, university, or United States Service Academy. Courses offered through our dual-enrollment program via the University of South Carolina provide the kind of student experience they will find in colleges and universities.

Freshmen and Sophomores take the PSAT, create a resume, review qualifications for ROTC scholarships, and begin identifying colleges they may consider applying to. Juniors explore degree paths and career options while those who qualify may take dual-enrollment courses. They also take the SAT and ACT, learn about colleges with degree programs that interest them and about potential scholarship opportunities, and start estimating their financial aid needs.

Seniors are assigned to one of several of our teachers who serve as college advisors who assist with the college application process. Once again they register for the SAT and ACT, meet with their advisors routinely over the course of the first semester to make sure they meet deadlines, complete college applications in a thorough and timely manner (including early action deadlines, requests for recommendation letters, help with writing their personal essays). Senior cadets may also meet with their advisors to discuss and refine their professional goals. Advisors keep in touch with parents to ensure that everyone is all “on the same page”. Some cadets need minimal assistance while others – for various reasons – require more. Ideally, our Juniors and Seniors will visit college campuses during furloughs and (for Juniors) schedule several college visits during the summer leading into their Senior year. Once admitted to a college or university, we work with our young men on finding scholarship opportunities.

Additionally, we can offer assistance with filling out FAFSA information once the FAFSA application opens in October. It is very important that families work to complete the FAFSA as early as possible once it opens, because some state schools provide grants on a first-come, first-served basis.

We encourage our cadets to get involved and stay involved, so they have a well-rounded application and resume moving forward. We emphasize to seniors that colleges will request mid-year grades and final transcripts, which can influence their acceptance decision and they must go the distance, to finish the year strong to ensure their professional goals may come into fruition.

12th Grade Advisors:

SCPO Scott Shields

MAJ Steven Spratt

CPT Ken Yeatts

LTC John Heflin

11th Grade Advisors:

MAJ Nicholas Paramore