XC-My First Year running

By: Casey Robinson on Sep 27, 2020 | Categories: General

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For the new school year, I decided to challenge myself physically and joined the Cross Country Team. So far, it has been a really good experience. The first couple of days I really struggled because my body was not used to running long distances. However, with a little bit of help from experienced runners and coaches, I started to get better everyday.

It is great to get involved at CMA. There are lots of sports and clubs to choose from and you can join a new sport even if you have never played the sport previously. Running cross country is new to me because I am a dedicated lacrosse player but I figured this was a great way to stay in shape during lacrosse’s off season. This year’s cross country team really supports and motivates each other. Although we have not had an official meet yet (because of COVID), I am really looking forward to having our first one soon!

-----written by Cadet Lon Callis