Wiki-Lit Presentations English II & III

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 17, 2016 | Categories: Academic

Apart from our more routine exploration of texts through reading, discussion, writing assignments, and tests, English II and English III classes are often asked to complete a Wiki-Lit presentation. Wiki-Lit attempts to personalize the stories and utilize Costa's three levels of knowledge - factual,analytical, and relational. Cadets are tasked with completing seven objectives:

Author Profile - research and create a brief profile of the author
Vocab Builder - identify ten unknown/ less common words from the selection with definitions
Summary - summarize the story, discuss themes, present a personal opinion of the story
Character Tracker - describe the main characters and their personality traits
Image Finder - Find four images in each selection that help illustrate the story and explain how they are connected with the text
Extender - Find two connections between the story and personal experience or the contemporary world
Costa's Levels of Questions - Create five questions about the text using the three levels identified by Costa

Many cadets have put in a lot of time and effort with the Wiki-Lit projects, having discovered that time management, preparation, and practice are key to a successful presentation.