Why this Cadet Chose a Post Grad Year at CMA

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 3, 2020 | Categories: General

Crest 4

I chose Camden Military Academy for a post graduate year for several reasons. I was accepted into the class of 2024 at Pace University, and when my senior year came to a close early last year I realized I wasn’t ready to be a full time college student. I chose CMA because it offered me the opportunity to improve myself and make good decisions about my future.

The three things that really helped me decide to come here was the academic preparation for college, the military lifestyle, and the opportunity to play sports. Camden Military Academy has given me the opportunity to become more self-reliant, mature, and responsible. In the short time I’ve been here I already see positive changes in myself, and I really like all the new things I’m learning.

After leaving here, I will have the opportunity to pursue college and join an ROTC program, or join the military with a real understanding of what is expected and how to be successful.

---Cadet Carron