Why the different Uniforms?

By: Casey Robinson on Jan 17, 2020 | Categories: General

DSC 0813

We have 6 different uniforms we wear on a weekly basis. These uniforms do not include our extra curricular activities such as scouts and civil air patrol.

The uniform we wear most often is our class uniform. It consists of the blue wool pants and a grey button-up collared shirt with our name tag & military insignias. We wear this uniform every day unless the weather calls for inclement weather. If so, we will wear our Army Combat Uniforms, more commonly known as ACU’s. The ACU’s are what you would typically think of when you hear military, it’s the camouflage uniform with tan boots. We also have our dress/parade uniform. We wear this uniform for church and parades. We will also wear this uniform for any special events, on or off campus. It is a blue wool coat over our class shirt with white pants and chloroframs (patent leather shoes). If we are lucky we get to wear our PT summer or winter uniforms which is definitely the comfiest out of the different uniforms. These are the most relaxed. Our PT summers is the classic grey gym shirt and black shorts, while PT winters are just white sweats. The last uniform is our travel uniform. This uniform consists of khaki pants or shorts with a belt and our black or white collared travel shirt with the CMA Logo.

By: Cadet Matthew Healy