Who Can Join the CAP?

By: Casey Robinson on Apr 24, 2014 | Categories: General, Clubs

1. Prospective cadets will first visit the squadron. The online system is purposefully designed not to allow random young people who have never attended a CAP meeting to join. Prospective cadets will need the unit charter number and web address www.capnhq.gov/cadetapps to complete the online application, which they will receive only through an in-person discussion with a senior member.
2. Most squadrons have long required prospective cadets to attend three meetings before the commander approves their membership application, and further required a parent or guardian to make a brief, in-person visit to the squadron. Those practices will now be standard procedure across the nation. (CAPM 39-2 will be updated accordingly)
3. Applications can be made from any location that has web access – home or the squadron. The on-screen instructions tell prospective cadets that they will need a parent’s or guardian’s help in completing it. Membership dues are payable with Visa, Mastercard, or Discover online. Applicants who prefer to pay via check or money order can do so via a paper copy CAPF 15 and the US Mail.
4. When the prospective cadet and parent or guardian completes the online application, it will appear in the Commander’s Corner in eServices for approval. Deputy commanders, personnel officers, and administrative officers are automatically authorized to approve applications on behalf of the unit commander via the Commander’s Corner in eServices. Any number of senior members may be assigned as assistant personnel or administrative officers, so units have a lot of flexibility.
5. Upon the commander or designee approving the application, eServices will send the prospective cadet an email announcing the good news and providing helpful advice on how to get started in CAP. If the unit denies the application, eServices prompts the commander or designee to provide a short explanation, which eServices forwards to the family via email. NHQ will refund the credit card if the unit denies the membership application.
6. Cadets who are rejoining CAP after a break in service and applicants who are not US citizens can apply for membership only via the CAPF 15 paper copy process.
You can find the closest unit at this web address; CMA cadets should attend the first meeting of the school year (usually the second Tuesday after school commences in the fall)