Who are They Scared of…DELTA!  DELTA!

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The 2013 Spartan Challenge was a HUGE success.  It was the closest competition in the history of Camden Military Academy….with ALPHA and CHARLIE Companies tied for 1st place with 2,250 points after competing in 17 events.  Cadet Sgt. William Ladevich, representing DELTA Company, blogs from his perspective…

Who are They Scared Of…DELTA! DELTA!

    Before the battle against other companies, DELTA company sharpened their “weapons of war” (motivation) and applied war paint to our faces.  Using gray, black, and white paint, I painted an arctic camouflage pattern on my face.  I wanted to look like a U.S. Special Forces Operative on a mission in the Arctic Tundra.   Unfortunately, some people thought I looked like a gray cow, a yeti, or as coach Ararat said, “a monster”.  On the other hand, I also received many compliments from our staff of the Spartan Challenge. 
    Prepared for battle, Delta’s war cries clashed with the battle cries from the other companies.  Then a whistle pierced the air, signaling the start of the annual Spartan Challenge.  DELTA ran in formation when entering the parade field to establish its place in competing for dominance over the other companies.  Each company wanted to display their dominance over the other companies.   Our dominance came in the “Soccer Challenge” .  DELTA soccer super stars Capt Guarino and Squad Leader Harper annihilated the competition with their awesome soccer juggling skills.  Who are they scared  of…DELTA!  DELTA!  We would also win another event!  Who are they scared of…DELTA! DELTA!    However, at the end of the day, after excruciating hours of intense competition, that would prove not enough.  Unfortunately, DELTA company would fall to ALPHA and CHARLIE companies who ended up tying for First Place and earning the rights to the 2013 SPARTAN Challenge Company Champions trophy.