Who has inspired you at CMA?

By: Casey Robinson on Apr 25, 2023 | Categories: General, Athletics, Academic

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If I had to pick an inspirational person that helped me improve as a person here at CMA it has to be CPT Dwyer. He makes learning fun, immersive, and interesting all at the same time. CPT Dwyer has always been one of my favorite teachers here at CMA because not only did I grow a relationship with him in the classroom but I also made a relationship with him outside the classroom. CPT Dwyer is someone who I can talk to about anything and get things off my chest. He has always been a huge role model for me and will still be.
Another inspirational person here at CMA is football coach CPT Leagones. CPT Leagones has always pushed me to do my best. He always told me hard work and dedication will get me a long way. I remember I told CPT Leagones my 10th grade year here at CMA that I wanted to start on the varsity football team. He told me "If you want it, work for it and I will get you there". I would work with CPT Leagones for 2 years running drills during my freetime, lifting weights, and pushing myself to limits I thought I could never reach. When 12th grade came around I got told I was going to play starting middle linebacker. That's why CPT Leagones is a major role model for me and will always be grateful to him for pushing me and telling me to work harder to reach my goals.

- Cadet Cole Juliano (Class of 2023)