What’s a SMI?

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 21, 2013 | Categories: General

Salute 2012

A SMI (Saturday Morning Inspection) is held at either a Company or Battalion level. A SMI begins with the cadets bringing their footlockers and shoes into the hallway along with their chairs and begin shining their shoes. Once their shoes are shined to standard they begin to organize their footlockers. After all of this is complete the cadets then go into their rooms and make their beds to a preset way then sweep and mop their rooms. About an hour into the SMI the cadets start to work on their presses (area where the military clothing and personal hygiene equipment is stored) to make sure all dust, trash and unneeded materials aren’t there. Once all of this is completed the cadet Chain of Command inspects their rooms with the Tactical Officer to make sure everything is done correctly. Once inspected, the cadets are put back on free time and the stress of being inspected by their chain of command is released and they continue with their day.