What is Rolling Admissions?

By: Casey Robinson on Sep 19, 2011 | Categories: General, Open House


What is a “rolling admissions” policy??
Camden Military academy operates under a rolling admissions policy. There are other names for this policy such as “open” or “ongoing” enrollment. However, they all mean the same thing—the ability to enroll students at any time during the school year. CMA accepts students at the beginning of the year and any point thereafter. A student can wait until the second semester to begin school but we discourage waiting and will encourage a student to enroll as soon as possible to have as much time as possible to improve grades . Actually, it is also much easier to transfer to CMA sometime during the first semester because there is less confusion with credits transferring from the previous school. There is also a much less risk of falling behind in credits if the student transfers to CMA in the first semester.
Camden Military Academy will review applications at anytime for entrance into one of America’s best military boarding schools!!