What is a Google Hangout?

By: Casey Robinson on May 12, 2015 | Categories: Open House

During the hangout you can simply watch the discussion LIVE or submit
questions for the families and cadets to answer. If you would like to
pose a question, simply ask your question on social media
using #CamdenMilitary. In other words, post your question on your social
media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Google+) followed
by #CamdenMilitary. For example, on Facebook, you could post the
following, “What is best thing about Camden Military? #CamdenMilitary.”

If you could RSVP to the Google Hangout it would be appreciated but it
is not required. You can RSVP by calling 1-800-948-6291 or emailing
Again, all you have to do is copy and paste
the link above and learn valuable information about Camden Military
Academy. Also, if you have any questions prior to the event, please contact

I hope you will join us tonight at 7pm!