What Type of Young Men Attend Camden Military Academy?

By: Casey Robinson on Aug 5, 2019 | Categories: General

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Military Schools always have to battle the negative stereotype of being boot camps and reform schools for “bad” kids. The young men at CMA are far from “bad.” However, they are not angels. Camden’s cadets are typical teenage boys! Some young men are at CMA because of family issues at home or because that they would like to argue that the sky is purple but most young men are just a bit lazy, especially when it comes to school.

Cadets at Camden tend to be students that struggle academically. They do not struggle due to lack of intelligence but rather a lack of effort. A typical cadet is not motivated to participate in class and has no interest in doing homework. Some students, prior to Camden, would do their homework but not bother to turn it in resulting in poor grades.

Dr. Lee Bare stated in a Physiology Today article that “most adolescents find that school takes up the majority of their day. Add in after-school activities, homework, some sleep, and family time, these teenagers frequently have more to fill their day than most adults. And while these activities can seem overwhelming to both teenage boys and their parents, it is important to remember that teenage boys need structure and these activities are teaching them life lessons about how to best manage their time.” That is exactly what CMA is all about!

Camden strives to motivate our young men in a structured environment with an emphasis on organization, time-management skills, self-discipline as well as personal growth and development.