What to Expect the First Two Weeks

By: Casey Robinson on Aug 19, 2019 | Categories:

Two weeks

New cadets always want to know what to expect during the first two weeks at Camden. This blog will attempt to answer that question.

On day one, cadets will enter the administration building and complete the registration process. New cadets will also get measured for their uniforms. The first night new cadets will learn how to make their beds and properly organize and clean their room. They will also receive a tour of the campus and learn the history, purposes, and location of each building. The first full day for new cadets will be on Sunday. While returning cadets are going through registration, new students will begin to learn how to march and be in formation.

Uniforms for the first two weeks will be PT’s (physical training). The uniform will be Under Armour gym shorts and Under Armour dry fit shirts. There are multiple uniforms that cadets receive; however, the uniforms have to be tailored to fit each cadet. Cadets generally receive their uniforms within the first two to three weeks. Also, all phones will be taken for the first two weeks. This allows students to adjust to the new environment without distractions. The two weeks when the cadets do not have their phones are usually more difficult on parents than on cadets. Parents are encouraged to write letters and send care packages to your cadet to let him know that you are thinking about him and encouraging him on his new journey.

Monday will be the first day of class. Each morning after breakfast students will practice drill. Class starts at 9:30am and concludes at 3:15pm. Sports and extracurricular activities take place after school. Everyone is encouraged to take part in an extra-curriculars. However, if students do not play a sport, they will take part in intramurals such as flag football, kickball and ultimate frisbee. Each weeknight, the mandatory study hall begins at 7:30pm.

After two weeks, phones will be returned, and the cadets must obey the rules in order to continue to enjoy the privilege of keeping their phones. Students will be tested on what they have learned so far with regards to daily military obligations. When they successfully pass, they will be certified and allowed to join the cadet corps at Camden Military Academy.