What is Certification at CMA?

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 10, 2021 | Categories: General

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In the first couple weeks at Camden Military Academy, we have to go through a process called "Certification." After certification, cadets regain the use of their cell phones, video games, and other electronics. Certification is a series of six tests that we, as a company, have to go through. The first challenge is military courtesy. So basically, we learn how to appear and march during formations and how to act when addressing someone up the chain of command. The next challenge is classroom conduct, so our school behavior and grades are important as well. Our third challenge is about accountability, where we get accessed based on our attendance, being on time, and not slacking off. The fourth challenge is dining hall conduct, so how we act in the chow hall (cafeteria). The fifth challenge is chapel conduct, how we behave in church. Finally, the sixth and last challenge is personal appearance. We learn that it matters how we dress and look for class, church, chow hall, study hall, and all of the time.

By: Cadet Tkach