What does a typical weekend look like at CMA?

By: Casey Robinson on Dec 6, 2019 | Categories: General, Academic

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Every week cadets look forward to a relaxing weekend. Almost every weekend on campus is the same unless we have a special event such as a parade, or quest speaker!

Saturday is pretty great. We have optional breakfast at 8:30 to 9am and we normally have a sleep in until around 10am. Cadets normally clean the barrack from then until lunch which is at 12pm. PAD, Punishment and Discipline, on the weekends varies from 1-2 hours and will last up to 3 hours. Cadets who are not on PAD and have a clean room get dismissed onto free time until dinner at 5:30pm. After dinner cadets are normally given free time until 9pm when most companies pass out medications and start getting ready for bed. Lights out on the weekends is at 10pm which is the same as weekdays.

Sunday has the same optional breakfast from 8:30am to 9am and normally cadets are woken up to take medications and get ready for church at 9am. Once a cadet has shaved, brushed his teeth, and gotten into dress uniform they can clean their room. Chapel begins at 10am. Chapel normally runs till around 10:45am and every company is back into their barracks by 11am. Companies use that hour to change into class uniform for lunch and then clean up their rooms and the barracks. Lunch on Sunday is from 12-1pm with PAD at 2pm and will run for a few hours. If you are free and clear of PAD, on Sunday all cadets will finish cleaning the barracks and then will be dismissed onto free.

Dinner is at the same time as Saturday 5:30pm and runs till about 6:30pm. Most companies go onto free time after dinner and then have a 9 o'clock formation for accountability and to hand out medications while lights out is at 10.

I hope I was able to give y’all a little insight into the average weekend here at CMA.

Cadet Davis Long