What do you wear at CMA?

By: Casey Robinson on Dec 9, 2019 | Categories: General, Academic, Clubs

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At Camden Military Academy, the cadets can wear up to five different uniforms.

  1. Class Uniform: On a regular class day we will wear our “class” uniform which is our everyday uniform for school, we wear our flat hats and leather shoes with this uniform.
  2. Parade Uniform: When we have a parade or go to church on Sunday we will wear our “dress” uniform or “parade” uniform. On our jackets we have different colored shoulder boards which indicate what class that cadet is in and we also wear our ribbons and medals to show academic excellence and other achievements.
  3. PT Uniform: On weekends and free time we will wear our PT summers/winters as a more casual and relaxed uniform. We also wear this uniform if we do Company or Battalion PT (Physical Training).
  4. ACU’s: Dependent on the weather we might encounter, for example if it rains or snows, we will wear our ACU’s (Army Combat Uniform) since they are waterproof and keep you dry.
  5. Travel Uniform: Whenever we go home for break, or go off campus, we will have to wear our travel uniform. This consists of khaki pants and a collared shirt with the CMA logo.

There are additional uniforms if you are a part of any other clubs such as; Scouts, Civil Air Patrol, Key Club, etc. All of these uniforms are highly enforced and are inspected to make sure our cadets look sharp, clean and presentable.