What Do You Want To Eat?

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 7, 2021 | Categories: General

I was one of a group of cadets that was selected as representatives of the Corps of Cadets to speak with the staff in the dining hall. 9Nine other cadets and I met with the Food Service Supervisor, Master Sergeant McKinnie, to provide him input on the food being served in the dining hall. While we discussed some of the foods, we didn’t enjoy having as much as others, the meeting's main focus was to let Master Sergeant McKinnie know what foods most of our cadet body enjoyed. We also discussed additions to the menu here, like more fresh fruit, various yogurt flavors, and possibly even BLT sandwiches!

Master Sergeant McKinnie was extremely receptive to our input and opinions. The very first thing he would do when one of us cadets made a suggestion was to write it down. I really appreciated that, as it shows me that I’m being listened to and making a difference.

I look forward to the changes being made in the food at the mess hall, as I think it will be beneficial to the entire Corps Of Cadets” - Mark McGregor (Mount Pleasant, South Carolina)