What are Formations?

By: Casey Robinson on Sep 7, 2022 | Categories: General

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Camden Military Academy cadets are required to march in formations which most commonly occurs every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Formations include every member of the company assembling into an organized group, usually into two separate groups known as platoons. Each company has their own unique routine but for the most part it goes as follows: cadets will be called out in the hallway by their first sergeant, then they will be instructed to march outside in an orderly fashion where they will then assemble into their platoons with each platoon having a platoon sergeant and platoon leader. The platoon sergeant makes corrections towards the cadets while the platoon leader monitors them. Each cadet is required to know the various basic rest positions and facing movements of the military, if a cadet is confused or unsure, then the platoon sergeants and first sergeant will assist in getting that cadet to where he needs to be. It is essential that these cadets know the basics of drill because it is how the companies maneuver throughout the campus. When the company is facing the right direction and all at the correct position, the commander will call forward march. Throughout the 2-5 minute march the first sergeant will call a cadence to keep everyone stepping on the same foot at the same time in order to prevent the cadets tripping over one another since they are so close together throughout this time. These are just some basic concepts of formations and how they work. The goal of formations here at Camden Military Academy is to help cadets in becoming accountable and being able to respond to authority.

- Cadet Luke Tschimpke