Warbirds Over Monroe

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 20, 2013 | Categories: General, Academic


On November 9th Camden Military Academy's Civil Air Patrol Squadron visited "Warbirds Over Monroe" in Monroe, NC. Attending were Cadets Kosinski, Ramsbey, Den Boer and Cody. LtCol Melberg, Major DeCandia and Major Sills were on hand to drive and supervise.

Included in this blog are pictures of our group in front of "Tinker Belle", a WWII C-46. "The Spirit of Freedom", a C-54 Skymaster cargo plane that actually participated in the Berlin Airlift. This aircraft is a flying museum dedicated to those who served during that effort, hauling tons of coal and food to West Berlin following WWII. This aircraft was also one of the C-54s which served as Air Force One, carrying the President of the United States; the cockpit of the C-54 is featured. Many food vendors were on hand to provide lunch; one picture shows LtCol Melberg at Ted's Street Food where the Philly Cheese Steak is sampled by our fearless leader. Pictures are also included of various airshow aircraft.

We were joined by two of our graduates, Jacob Evans, CMA 2013 and Anton Vogt, CMA 2012. Their pictures are included.