Walking the PAD. By: Cadet Beasley

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 2, 2016 | Categories: General

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In my second year at CMA I was assigned 75 tours to be walked (“TBW’s”.) “Tours” are the method of discipline at the academy. When a cadet is assigned tours, he will report to PAD (Punishment And Discipline) every day after school and march in a field with a nine pound rifle on his shoulder. After spending several weeks marching in the summer heat with the M1 rifle weighing down on my shoulder while maintaining firm posture in my military uniform I was able to reflect on my actions which got me the tours in the first place. PAD is a great place for reflection and self evaluation. It's a chance to learn from your mistakes and understand why you shouldn't do certain things. After I completed all 75 of my tours, my leaders knew I had changed and they didn't treat me any differently than the other cadets in the company. They still gave me the same opportunities to prove myself and show them what I'm capable of. I was still able to advance through the ranks just like everybody else.
-Cadet First Lieutenant Alex Beasley