Voice of Democracy

By: Matthew Weaver on May 21, 2021 | Categories: General, Academic

“Writing the voice of democracy essay for the contest was a great experience. This essay contest has taught me a lot about the history of our great nation. Typically I am not a good writer, however, this experience has sharpened my writing skills. The topic of the essay was “Is this the country our founding fathers envisioned?”. This topic took me a while to think about where exactly I stood. In the end, I used my research from both points of view to create my answer, which was “no, but possibly yes”. All in all, this was a great experience.”

- William Ritchie (Vero Beach, Florida)

“I gained lots of insight from participating in this competition. I am able to gain a complete opinion in politics. I learned more about my country’s history and how much the founding fathers were risking when they wrote the Declaration of Independence. Overall, my experience was enjoyable as well as educational.”

- Parker Ziobro (Fayetteville, Georgia)

“Winning the Voice of Democracy competition is very exciting for me. The Voice of Democracy essay competition is an opportunity to show off your writing skills by writing a short paper about a patriotic topic. This year, the topic was “Is This the Country our Founding Fathers Envisioned?”. I found this prompt very interesting and I instantly found myself coming up with ideas as to how I would respond to that question. First, I went and did some research and try to figure out the background of the US Constitution and its main points to which I could form my argument. I found so many instances where you could make an argument to either side that I decided to write my paper with both sides in mind. Instead of siding with a yes or no, I decided to provide evidence for both sides and leave it up to the reader to make a decision on their own. After we wrote our essays, we had to go into an audio recording of us reciting it. We then put it on a flash drive and sent it out to be judged. We waited and waited, and eventually we heard back and it turns out I won! I am very proud of myself and the essay I wrote because I put time and effort into it and I am glad to see the results I was hoping for. This is a very rewarding experience and I can see myself writing another essay for Voice of Democracy next year.”

- Sean Skaritanov (Needham, Massachusetts)