By: Casey Robinson on Aug 1, 2016 | Categories: General, Summer Programs

The trip to the Quaker Cemetery was a very informative trip on the history of Camden. We heard about famous historical leaders from colonial times. It taught me so much about history and what life was like back then. I learned about Dr. George Rogers Clark Todd and his wife, Martha Tyler. I also learned about Sgt. Richard R. Kirkland, about how he carried water to the dying Yankee enemies. Another historical person I learned about was Colonel Joseph Kershaw and how he was a businessman, politician, sheriff, a Patriot of the Revolutionary War, and that he was buried with family outside the Quaker Cemetery. Reading a paper is nothing compared to going in person. We looked at graves as old as the Revolutionary War. Heroes were amongst those graves. We had the chance to piece the stories together, and the graves could all relate to each other in many ways. The trip was very interesting.

Written with the combined efforts of Chris Verderber, Fabian Goodman, Earl Haas, Aaron Crowder, Connor Lentz, Andrew Brinson, Josh Sims, Aaron Cann.