By: Casey Robinson on Feb 1, 2022 | Categories:

Going from cross country season to basketball has been awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed coaching cross country and the kids on the team, but basketball is my favorite sport so of course, I have loved this so far! Now our basketball season has been a little different this year! We have gotten delayed because of Covid-19 which is not a big deal because we get to play our first game Wednesday 2/2! Which in my book is a huge win for us, but even more so for the kids! Seeing them getting to play will bring absolute joy to my heart because these kids have been itching and working their butts off to be able to play. Coach Landers and I have thoroughly enjoyed being around the group of kids we have on our Varsity and JV teams. We have such a great group of kids which always makes it super enjoyable as well. Even though we will have a shortened season, it is still better than nothing because for a lot of the kids, especially the seniors, it could be their last time playing and we want to make it as fun and memorable as possible because these are the memories they will remember. I still remember my high school basketball moments with my teammates because y'all are brothers. I am super excited to start the season and coach these groups of young men that are super outstanding!

By, CPT.Dwyer