US History with CPT. Dix

By: Casey Robinson on Jan 2, 2021 | Categories: General, Academic

As I sit at my desk writing this blog in late November, it is exceedingly difficult to believe that we are approaching the end of first semester. I feels as though we just began in August with the first native migrants moving across the Bering Strait. I have two full U.S history classes, and I have seen marked progress from both since the beginning of the semester, both in terms of overall understanding of the process of thinking like a historian and in writing skill. Starting from the first peoples of the Americas, we have moved briskly through the history of the North American continent while remaining on my schedule. We covered the pilgrims, American Revolution, the Early United States, the Era of Good Feelings, the Mexican-American War, the Antebellum South and much more. My goal was to finish the Civil War by the end of first semester. I am proud to say that, with the attention and hard work of the students, we have accomplished that goal with an independent study project also in hand. I look forward to seeing the continued growth of my students as we move through Reconstruction, the Gilded Age, the World Wars, and into the modern United States.

CPT. Dix