upcoming event in religious department at CMA

By: Casey Robinson on Apr 4, 2022 | Categories:

1. Passover Seder. CMA will host a Passover Seder to celebrate Easter and Passover on April 18, 2022, in the CMA dining facility. Before COVID 19, the chaplain has taken students off campus to a local church that hosts the event annually. The students were treated to a dinner meal in addition to learning about the importance of the Passover, how it started in the Old Testament, Jesus’ observance of the Passover in the New Testament, and why Christians observe the Passover today. During the Seder, the participants learn about each element of the Passover meal:

a. Maror and Chazeret.

b. Charoset.

c. Karpas.

d. Zeroah.

e. Beitzah.

f. Three Matzot.

g. Saltwater.

In addition, the students will hear authentic prayers and Scripture readings in Hebrew from the Torah. Due to the limited space, only a certain number of students will be allowed to attend. This event is open to all students who wish to attend, regardless of religious faith or Christian denomination. This is promising to be an excellent event to help the students strengthen their faith in Christ.

2. Baptism. The chaplaincy department will conduct a baptism on either April 20th or 27th for those students who are interested in being baptized. Baptism is open to any student who wishes to be baptized, regardless of the Christian faith affiliation and regardless if they have been previously baptized. At this time, approximately 10 students have expressed an interest in being baptized. The baptism will be conducted at a local church in Elgin, SC. There are only two requirements for baptism. Those students who are seeking to be baptized will be required to attend a class that will be conducted by the chaplain to ensure the students understand from the Biblical perspective what baptism is and the importance of this sacrament. In addition, the parents or legal guardians of the student must provide written consent for the chaplain to baptize their student. Upon completion of the baptism, each student will be provided with a certificate of baptism confirming they have been baptized.