Upcoming Breaks at CMA!

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 21, 2019 | Categories: General

Time for a break

There are many breaks throughout the school year and the closest break is thanksgiving break which will be from Friday, November 22nd to Sunday, December 1st. The breaks cadets look forward too here are the 3 longer breaks such as: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring break. The cadets look forward to these breaks because they are long awaited and are much longer than the traditional furlough weekend. It is a great time to spend with your family, to go on vacation, visit friends and just relax! Take a mental break from school and enjoy your vacation!

All of these breaks are mandatory as the campus is closed.

Thanksgiving Break: Friday, November 22nd- Sunday, December 1st *
Christmas Break: Friday, December 20th- Sunday, January 5th *
Spring Break: Friday, March 27th- Sunday, April 5th *

* All breaks begin at 12:00pm on Friday, and the cadets must be in their Barracks by 9:00pm on Sunday. *

Before every break or flight to be taken home, an itinerary must be turned in to SFC Ray Brown, Director of Operations and Transportation, his email is .