Track Team Sprints to new Victories!

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 22, 2023 | Categories: General, Athletics

40 E24 CF4 8 F54 43 D9 9 A36 A7 B40 A4 AE3 B9

The 2022 - 2023 track & field season has been different at Camden Military than any other year that I have coached it. First, CMA has joined the conference of SCISA allowing the cadets to have a chance to compete against rivals and at regional/state meets. Second, we had a new volunteer coach from the community and USC-Union, Chris Phillips, to help coach the sprinters. These changes have brought a “winning mentality” to the track & field team this year and the results are proof of that. After only three meets this year at Camden High School and Wilson Hall, we have had all three relay teams and one mile-runner qualify for the SCISA State Meet in Charleston, SC. This will be a first for CMA in many years for the track & field team, but they are only getting started. The potential for the entire team to meet the requirements for the SCISA State Meet is across the board in all events; the majority of the team has already qualified for the regional meet. As a coach, I am proud to see the cadets mature as athletes over the course of the last two months and their willingness to rise to the challenge of meeting the CMA standard. The students have recently earned the right to carry the CMA track/field baton at every meet going forward, which showcases their achievements through personal records and beating school records (Coach Phillips made it). You can look for CMA to be at the SCISA State Meet in Charleston, SC on May 6th, 2023.

- Jesse Davis (Head Track Coach)

Pictured are the cadets who qualified for the SCISA state meet, holding their "CMA Spirit Stick!"