Track and Field By: Cadet Pucciarelli

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 5, 2019 | Categories:


The Track and Field season will be beginning soon here at Camden Military, and I can't wait. Cross Country was the first activity that I participated in when I first came to Camden, and Track will be the last. Running has always been an activity that I really enjoy, and Track has given me the opportunity to compete against not only others but also myself, as I constantly aim to improve my best times. The events that I take part in are the 1600 and 3200 meter races, which is the one-mile and two-mile.

I joined the Track and Field team during the second semester of my junior year. I had doubts as to whether I had what it took to keep up with the rest of the team. I soon found, though, that it is not about how fast you are, it is about trying your best and just having fun. The team is a family, and Coach Thomley is a great mentor to us.

A tradition that has taken place for the last couple of years is that the captain of the team hold pre-season conditioning prior to the actual start of the team. The purpose is to prepare the runners for their events for the season. As the only senior that remains from the end of last season, I will take charge of the team and assist our coach in taking care of the team. I look forward to seeing how this season will play out, and rounding out my high school career with a group of my closest friends. It will be bitter-sweet, but sooner or later, all great things come to an end.