This Week at CMA

By: Casey Robinson on Sep 10, 2013 | Categories: General, Athletics, Academic, Clubs, Open House, Summer Programs

Green Face

Way too much going on to try and list everything that is happening, but here are just a few things going on at CMA this week. Academics, Athletics, Activities, and Achievement sum up the week ahead for our cadets. On top of our normal academic routine of class time, tutorials, study halls, quizzes, tests, papers, etc. the cadets will be participating in all sorts of things. The COC Certification continues this week.

Wednesday the cadets receive a much deserved break from learning in the classroom to learning outside the classroom. The much anticipated Spartan Challenge takes place Wednesday from noon-7:30pm. All five companies will compete against each other in all kinds of challenges. Strength, Finesse, Speed, Creativity, Endurance, Intelligence, Teamwork, Perseverance, Athleticism, and much more will be tested! Find out all the results next week and which company will have “bragging rights” as top company!

Our Cross Country team has a very busy (and exhausting) week with meets on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Our football season kicks off with Middle School and Junior Varsity games on Thursday at North Central. Friday night our Varsity Spartans will battle the Knights from North Central at 7:30pm.

It’s College Day for our Juniors and Seniors. Very important meeting with lots of helpful and beneficial information regarding preparation for their next step…college! All Juniors and Seniors will meet at 11:00 in the Cline Chapel for College Day.

Our first Cadet Parade will take place on the Parade Field on Friday at 1:00pm. Which company will be crowned First Cadet Parade Champion? Results…next week!

As a part of our developing “the whole man” concept, all cadets have the opportunity to nurture their spiritual nature and attend a voluntary Bible Study on Monday and our mandatory chapel service on Sunday morning in the Cline Chapel. Our Chaplain, Magnus Walker, will be presenting the message.