This Week at CMA

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 27, 2020 | Categories: General

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It’s another busy week at CMA again! Starting Monday at 7pm there will be grief counseling for those who have lost someone or are dealing with a loss, it is a safe place. Chaplain Hunter will be conducting the counseling. Anybody is allowed and there will be no judgement from other cadets. Chaplain Hunter will also have a bible study for those cadets who wish to go during study hall. They are still required to do their homework and leave their phones in the barracks.

Thursday the football players have a surprise since their football season was canceled and they are unable to play. They will miss study hall and go to downtown Camden to see the movie, Greater. This will give them a chance to get off campus and relax since they have been working for months spending their free time practicing and getting ready. The cross country team will also be joining them for the movie because they have been working hard also.

Friday night will be a treat for everyone since it is the day before Halloween. There will still be classes as usual but the cadets have a surprise waiting for them at night. The school will be showing a movie outside but have drinks, popcorn, and desert in the Carlisle house. There will be a projector set up outside and they will be showing, House at the End of the Street. There will still be social distancing due to COVID-19. There will also be a pumpkin carving contest between each of the five companies. It will be called the “Great Pumpkin Contest” the best pumpkin will earn the cadets a reward.

On Halloween Camden will be having its very own Haunted house for the first time! They will turn the academic building that will be spooky and the cadets will be able to walk through and enjoy themselves.

The Summer School dates have been officially released. The first term will be from June 20- July 9 and the second term will be July 11-July 30. Enjoy your week!