This Week at CMA

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 20, 2020 | Categories: General

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We have a very busy week at CMA! On Tuesday, there will be a lot going on and something the new cadets will experience for the first time. We have our very first SMI, Standard Military Inspection. The cadets will clean their rooms to where they will be almost perfect. They will be working on this all morning. The battalion commander, LTC Seir, will walk through all five companies and inspect 4 rooms at random and this will count towards the honor company of the week. Tuesday morning, all cadets will take their photos for the yearbook along with all TAC officers and faculty. The teachers will be in professional development today so the cadets will either be cleaning their rooms or taking photos.

On Monday, we received our flu shots and we will still continue to wear our masks to battle COVID and the flu.

Wednesday night we have another movie trip for the cadets in the downtown Camden movie theater.

Friday is a really big day as the Spartan football team will have their very first game at Statesville Christian in North Carolina.. They have been working hard and preparing for this first game. The football players are excited and looking forward to getting off campus and securing a victory.

The cross- country team is also scheduled to participate in the state championships on Saturday. For those of us on campus, we will have Saturday classes again. Saturday classes allow us to begin our winter/Christmas break on November 25!

We will hold our second parade of the year on Sunday afternoon at 4pm. Unfortunately, family and friends are still restricted from campus so be sure to watch the live stream on Facebook!