The First Parade of 2020

By: Casey Robinson on Sep 23, 2020 | Categories: General


As a company commander of Delta Company and a returning cadet who has attended for 6 years, I can say that the first parade is always challenging for the new cadets. Due to circumstances that were out of our hands, this year's first parade was even more challenging. It has been a slower than usual start this year because of COVID. We had to change rules and regulations for the cadets and to make sure everyone remained healthy.

The Cadet Corps had only 2-3 days to prepare ourselves for this year's first parade when we would have had at least a week in previous years. However, I can say that this year's parade was one of the best in my six years even when my cadets and the rest of the corp were at a disadvantage. I am especially proud of Delta Company and how they presented themselves.

Even if parents could not attend the parade or see the live stream clearly I could see how far all of the new cadets had progressed in a few short weeks. This is only the beginning and they will continue to improve themselves from here on out. It takes mental strength and stamina to take pride in what you are doing during a parade while following commands and standing in one place for so long. Parades provide the cadets the opportunity to show how they are mastering self-discipline. In my opinion, the 2020 Cadet Corps is off to a terrific start!

----by Cadet Matthew Weaver