The First Furlough is Always the Best!

By: Casey Robinson on Sep 19, 2019 | Categories: General

Time for a break

Going home after the first three weeks at Camden Military Academy is a nice break. It is not that CMA is a bad place but is mainly because it’s the first time you get to go home since you’ve come back to school.

For me, going home this weekend was a nice, relaxing, "do nothing" break. I didn’t do too much over furlough other than hangout with my friends and just relax. Actually, being able to sit down on the couch and watch tv with my family was probably the highlight of the furlough!

As the last day of furlough approached, I began to dread returning back back to school. However, once I got into my barrack and was with my CMA brothers, the feeling of dread kind of just slipped away. By Monday morning, I was ready to get back to work after a re-energizing weekend furlough BUT I am already looking forward to my next furlough!

--by Cadet Matthew Healy