The Final Game

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 10, 2021 | Categories: General, Academic

Listening to the crowd cheer for us while playing the last game of the season and my last game on the high school level gave me such a rush. Even though it's only my second year on the varsity team, the bond that I've built with my teammates is so incredibly strong. The long and hot practices that we all endured, and the hard work we all put into the season all paid off when it came to the final game. We fought a long and tough battle on the field, and when the smoke cleared the scoreboard read 14-6 – the good guys won! The coaches always reminded us that what we did wasn't easy, because if it was, the entire school would be out on the football field during their freetime. Being on the front line with all the other linemen, growling at the other team and helping each other out is something I feel I won't experience again and will miss very much; however, it is an experience that I will remember forever. Thank you to all the coaches for pushing us to become great, and for influencing me to the best that I can be. Lastly, thank you to my brothers in the trenches, the O-line, for a great season.

-Cadet Mark Aranov