The Excalibur Society

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 15, 2019 | Categories: General


The Excalibur Society Evening

The 32nd annual meeting and dinner of the Society of Excalibur was held on Friday, March

1st at Springdale Hall Club in Camden. It is a celebration of accomplishments by our society,

by our school, and by the young men we serve.

The Society of Excalibur event is a special time each year for us. It is reserved for our most

dedicated donors. It is through our fellowship together that we renew our commitment to

Camden Military Academy. Our mission is to help young men by preparing them for college

and adult life.

It is composed of the group that has demonstrated with their donations that they care

deeply for Camden Military Academy. They have supported the academy for special

projects around the campus, as well as for tuition assistance for many families who would

not be able to send their sons or grandsons to Camden … a growing need that requires

growth of generosity.

Our cadets greet the guests at the door and the valet cadets park their cars, as they enter

for all of the amenities of the evening…from the name tags, “Oscar Night” pictures of all the

guests, and entertainment by the drum and fife corps and members of the CMA jazz band.

After the five course meal and entertainment, Colonel Eric Boland, headmaster, introduced

the Battalion Commander, LTC Rodrigo Villalobos, who spoke about his Camden

Experience at CMA. Cadet Villalobos followed in the footsteps of his brother, Santiago, who

graduated as the battalion commander in 2016.

After his remarks, the guests gave him a standing ovation as he left the podium and shook

hands of the guests who were in his path.

Colonel Boland then announced that we had another great year for CMA with its

membership in the Excalibur Society. “We have 8 new members, who have donated a

minimum of $1,000 in the fiscal school year. We also have 6 new Knight Members who

have given a total of $10,000 or more through their lifetime membership; and we have 1

new Bronze Knight with a lifetime gift of $25,000 or more,” he said. Awards were then given

out to the new members who were in attendance by Cam Walters, chairman of the Board of

Trustees. Colonel Boland also announced that one of our new Knights has pledged to

match $10,000 for anyone who donates that amount for the new bus project. (Please note that

CMA received more new member donations during February, who will be invited to next year’s dinner.)