The 2019 Spartan Challenge is TOMORROW!

By: Casey Robinson on Sep 11, 2019 | Categories: General

QU0 C3243

The Spartan Challenge is a favorite event amongst the Corps of Cadets. Similar to a field day, The Spartan Challenge is an event where each company competes to become the “Top Dog.” The event lasts most of the day from around 8am to around 2pm. The event includes a variety of challenges from weightlifting to academics. A huge focus is placed on teamwork and teambuilding.

The winning company will receive a very desirable 8am sleep-in on a school day! The theme for this year’s Spartan Challenge is “Never Give Up.” This theme must be printed on each company’s unique shirt which was designed the first week of school. Each company will also create a company flag to rally around for the day.

The Spartan Challenge is not taken lightly by the Corps of Cadets as it is one of the many ways in which a company can prove it is the best on campus!