Teachers Learn Too

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 13, 2015 | Categories:

On Monday, February 9, Camden Military Academy faculty members attended a half day long professional development meeting led by Mrs. Celia Boland. The purpose of the meeting was to upgrade teachers’ knowledge and use of digital technology in the classroom. During the meeting, CMA instructors learned about how to further use Google technology.
Mrs. Boland discussed the creation of presentations in Google Slides, the Google equivalent of Microsoft Power Point. She talked about the incorporation of appropriately readable text, the importing of images and videos and the creation of hyperlinks. Additionally, teachers fine-tuned their skills in editing the appearances of these presentations using in-program transitions and animations.
All the instructors were, by the end of the seminar, more comfortable and proficient in their abilities to design and present Google Slides. They were also re-familiarized with how to share these presentations through Google Drive and how to make these presentations available for comments and editing.
by MAJ Tariq Ghaffar