Teacher Appreciation - Captain Cooke

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 5, 2020 | Categories: General, Athletics, Academic

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My name is Marcus Peel-Cooke and I’m the theatre arts and art appreciation teacher here at Camden Military. I graduated from The Citadel and I am excited to be teaching here at CMA. Until last year, I never really envisioned myself teaching any subject other than science. My theatre arts class is special, but I have grown to love my art appreciation class. Learning about the different eras of history and how the arts influenced each particular area is very interesting.

My favorite era would probably be the Egyptian era because the Egyptians were so ahead of their time. They produced some of the most beautiful art and their culture is so amazing. My theatre arts class is simply making props for the schools plays. This class, at times can be tedious and time consuming but it has allowed me to explore my creative side with the students. I have a class of four students that work hard to ensure that the school plays are extremely successful.

When I am not teaching, I coach basketball. Basketball is one of my passions and I love watching the cadets grow both in the academic building as well as on the sports fields. I’m thankful for my role here at Camden Military Academy and helping these young men rise up to their potential.