Summer Enrichment Awards 2013

By: Casey Robinson on Aug 2, 2013 | Categories: General, Athletics, Academic, Clubs, Open House, Summer Programs

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CMA had a brief awards ceremony at the conclusion of the second session enrichment camp. Listed below are award recipients for 2013

Summer School Awards (Middle School)

Rat Trap Car
1st place – Willis Goodwin
2nd place – Chance Sells
3rd place – Nathan Hogan

Academic Award
Chris Williams

1st – Stewart Bridges
2nd – Zach Smith

1st – Willis Goodwin
2nd – Derek Nicholas

1st – Chalmer Stauffer
2nd – Nathan Hogan

William Northey

Spartan Award
Luke Damenti
Alexander Hanbury
Edward Lev
Joshua Liberti
William Northey
Robert Ramey
Jason Scott
James Sparks
Alexander Tate
Joseph Vandergriff
Christopher Vegis
Richard Weisert II

7th grade – Edward Lev
8th grade – Luke Damenti

Best Rooms
7th grade – Alexander Tate, Edward Lev
8th grade – Jason Scott, Christopher Vegis

Best Camper
2nd session – Chalmer Stauffer
Both sessions – James Sparks