Study Hall

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 6, 2023 | Categories: General, Academic

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Every night after dinner, the cadets at Camden Military Academy sit down for study hall. Study hall, lasting from 1930 to 2100 is a time for the cadets to study, do homework, and read. It is quiet in the barracks, and a time to relax and focus on academics, which is nice after the hustle and bustle throughout the rest of your day. Every study hall has an AOC, or an academic officer in charge. This AOC is here to assist the cadets with homework questions, as well as being the adult monitoring the cadets during study hall. The SG will go up and down the hallways, assisting and facilitating study hall, making sure that the cadets can use the bathroom and get water as needed. Study hall is a very good time to make sure that you are getting good grades, as well as to read and relax before you go to bed. Generally after study hall, cadets brush their teeth, wash their faces, conduct the rest of their personal hygiene, and go to bed. This is generally the end of a weekday at Camden Military Academy.

- Cadet John Rivers